Protect the Hodge Podge – It’s Friday!

There’s all sorts of crazy Hockey stuff happening in Canada at the moment. I am sitting in a bar and, as I write, people are getting excited about Montreal scoring a goal against Boston.

So as a tribute to my Canadian brethren…


I give you nothing related to Hockey.

As a tip of the hat to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games review that Shaun released on Monday for Final Rift and the recent release of FortressCraft – the MineCraft homage – on the same service, I figured that I would link to the Gamasutra interview with some of the best XBLIG developers (some of whom I have had the good fortune to talk to). I personally believe that the Indie game scene is an interesting service given the closed-platform nature of the Xbox 360 console and so would like to see more of it. The interview, a round table if you will, is about how to try and make the service thrive. Funnily enough the consensus is: Achievements.

Another piece that resonated was an article on Second Person Shooter about keynote speakers at PAX and women in the video games industry. I know some people might be a little tired of reading this sort of thing. The problem is that unless we keep talking about these issues then the natural turtle in us all will retreat back to the safe haven of Tom Clancy and Epic Games fodder.

Since it has been talked about by everyone (well, everyone who matters), Don’t take it personally Babe, this just ain’t your story was bound to pop up this week in the Friday spot. The article I wish to link be from Electron Dance. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read it all because of spoilers; I actually want to try out the game myself. However ED is always a good place to start if you want to know more about an interesting-sounding game.

Anyway, no need to go crazy – it is Friday! Rejoice!

…fine, fine, here is some hockey:

Image was found via an online colouring book service. I reckon it is pretty sweet.

The Hodge Podge image was taken from here. Something to do with Punk and Garage bands methinks.