It’s Friday – Level up with Level X

Arcadian Invaders!

Oh hi, Mark!┬áSo hey, we’re all friends here, right?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. And what do friends do?

That’s it, Mark! You got it! Friends play games. Multiplayer games.

To facilitate the playing of games – multiplayer games – we here at Arcadian Rhythms have set up a small forum called Level X.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Mark. “Oh, I’m already on a shitload of forums.” Or “I hate forums! They suck!” Or “I’ve already got my hands full trolling American pre-teens on GameFAQs!” But this is different, right, because this forum exists just for organising multiplayer sessions of games. It has a dedicated sub-forum just for that very thing.

We considered setting up a Steam group but, as you know Mark, the problem is that not all of our readers or contributors are PC gamers. We also considered setting up a dummy Xbox Live account but ran into a similar problem. Does PlayStation Network have any functionality for this sort of thing? I have no idea because I’m a hobo and don’t own a PS3. But one thing that everyone reading this website has is a computer, or access to one. And so we set up a forum. It’s all for you. Yes, you.

Oh, and because we figured people would set to chatting about stuff anyway, we also set up a separate subforum for shooting the shit. Mark, I know that completely contradicts what we said just a moment ago. About how you’re already on forums and beasting kiddies on GameFAQs. We know. But come on. It was going to happen anyway.

I love you, Lisa.

[Ed: if you’ve not seen The Room… don’t. Cherry-pick some of the funniest scenes from YouTube instead. But what you should definitely do is sign up to Level X and see if anyone is looking to play your favourite game online some time. If not, pop the question! But not to Mark. He’s been accused of domestic abuse, you know. Even though he doesn’t drink. You know that.]

[Sub-Ed: this isn’t an April Fool gag. Both the forum and the film exist. We’re sorry about one of the two.]