It’s Friday, it’s sunny, but there ain’t no game at the beach

Chances are that rather than reading this website you’re playing Portal 2, or you’re at work counting down the hours until you can play Portal 2. I honestly wish I was playing Portal 2 right now. I think I might go and make a sandwich in a moment, then play some Portal 2.

Valve made a terrible error, however: releasing their little-known title on the same day as’s well-publicised launch of Star Control 1 + 2? That’s madness no matter how many Gabe Newells you have. It could have slipped right under the radar.

It has been a good week for games; as well as the aforementioned we’ve been treated to Section 8: Prejudice and the 1.5 beta release of Minecraft. My friends on our Minecraft server are eager to find some zombie pigmen. Me? I’ll log into singleplayer for the first time in months and try to ride a pig off a cliff. Sure beats Fortresscraft.

It’s a while since we posted a lulzy video on a Friday so here’s a retro treat for you. I also picked up Battle Isle 4: Incubation on earlier in the week, and included on the soundtrack is this gem of a song:

It’s a scaaaaary rap about flesh-eating monsters trying to kill your squad! This is something we can all relate to, right?

I’m also happy to report that the game is every bit as good as I remember, clunky camera aside. If you fancy something X-Com-flavoured with some tactical puzzler elements, give this a go. It comes in a bundle with the rest of the Battle Isle games which I never played, but I’ll have to give them a try now.

Oh, hey, it’s also been really sunny in the UK. Really sunny. I hear that’s nice?