It’s Friday – British flags everywhere but I’ll be wrestling with Linux

Yes, Friday is here at last, and the good news is: ¬†someone is getting married to a person! Not only that, but big DC, the President of the Great British Kingdom has given everyone permission to have street parties. Cheers Dave, you really are a brick. I’ll probably be busy this time but next time someone gets married to a person, I’ll make sure I’m drunk in the middle of the road and waving flags at people. ¬†Even as I write this very sentence, I’m unsure if a more relevant topic for this post is ‘Great British Games’ or ‘Best Weddings in Games’, the former is more of an interesting debate point, but the latter is a great opportunity to discuss Fallout 2. I probably would watch the Royal Wedding if it had anything in common with my character’s Fallout 2 wedding, but somehow I doubt drunk priests, shotgun-wielding inbred lunatics and years of spousal prostitution will… hold on…actually, come to think of it there are more similarities than I first thought.

For the record, my favourite British-made game is probably Magic Carpet. I keep meaning to pick that up for the PSP from the PSN store, but, uh, maybe next week, once I’ve finished cancelling all my credit cards and changing all my passwords.

The other exciting news is that my stupid laptop has finally stupided itself into a coma, so the inevitable replacement has been ordered. To save on cost and avoid giving Microsoft any more money than they deserve, I’ve opted for a laptop that comes with Ubuntu instead of Windows. So that’s it then, I’m using Linux. I didn’t think there was much more nerd to discover within me, but apparently there’s more where that came from. I thought I’d hit the pinnacle of nerd-dom that time I constructed a remote-controlled robot buddy to help me steal my propeller hat back from Mr. Belding’s office, but nope, it was Linux that tipped me over the line. If anyone knows any decent cheap/free games I can install on it and play without a mouse, let me know. If nothing turns up, I can always resort to Heavy Rain on YouTube, consider it a tribute to the weather for the big wedding.

Okay, I have to stop now. I’m writing this on the old stupid laptop and it’s flashing the 2% battery warning at me. Seeing as how this battery will no longer charge, and I’m not buying yet another new one, I guess this is it. The end of a laptop, and the end of this post. It’s been a fun five years (that’s referring mostly the the laptop, I haven’t been writing this for five years). Ooh, this is a bit like a computer game having to type really fast before it all dies on me. I’ll join you in the comments thread for your favourite British gaming triumphs, assuming I get the new machine on time.