Breaking News: Forest Fire!

Yep, that’s right, an unstoppable forest fire is raging through “west spider forestshire”, a small county I just made up located – you guessed it – to the west of a giant spider I built in my spare time.

What? Oh, yes: this is of course the giant spider I built in Minecraft.

Spider temple

The spider I built outside my real house is smaller and had planning permission.

Yes, thanks to one of our server’s resident players deciding to undertake a little deforestation project, a fire is currently sweeping through Minecraftland:

The path of the fire

He couldn't have started the damn fire in the desert biome, could he?

How did this begin?

I was pissed off with all the nature that was in the way of the improvement works I was bringing to the local community (i.e. a road), so I set light to one of them before thinking about how stupid an idea that might turn out to be.