Rise from your grave – It is Friday

APB was one of those games that you could only imagine going tits up. You really wanted it to be successful, as it had so many good ideas, but you just knew that it was going to collapse under its own self-importance.

This was most unfortunate due to the number of livelihoods that were tied to it, and of course for a British development team to implode (almost as a portent for what was to come).

But now here is a moment to dry one’s eyes and enjoy the adorable puppy-based news after a long series of hurricanes and earthquakes. APB is back.

It’s going free-to-play and the new subsidiary seems happy with the 100, 000 people who have joined the closed Beta. Anyone experienced this new incarnation?

Man, I feel like I can pat myself on the back and go back to enjoying grilled-cheese sandwiches with Branston Pickle…